We are a shop composed of master tailors providing quality alterations and premium customer service at our place or yours.

About Us

Edit is the brainchild of a team of master tailors and seasoned clothiers who have a combined experience of over 100 years in the tailoring industry. With deep roots in tailoring and an eye for detail, we set out to combine a few key elements that have far too long been lost in the process: quality tailoring, fair pricing, and immaculate customer service. Whether it’s a simple denim hem or a garment recut, our expertise and execution is second to none.

We welcome you to a new standard in quality tailoring.

Richard Olivares
Master Tailor
Frank Ybarra
Director of Operations

Our Pricing


  • Sides Seams In$30.00
  • Sides in Through Sleeve$55.00
  • Blades In$50.00
  • Shorten Sleeves From Bottom$30.00
  • Shorten Sleeves From Shoulder$125.00
  • Taper Sleeves$75.00
  • Reduce Front Chest$125.00
  • Collar Roll$30.00
  • Shorten Collar$50.00
  • Add Functional Buttonholes$125.00
  • Add Name Tag$25.00
  • Side Out Basic$30.00
  • Sides Out Through Sleeve$55.00
  • Blades Out$50.00
  • Lengthen Sleeves$55.00
  • Ease Armhole$30.00
  • Center Seam In$25.00
  • Center Seam Out$30.00
  • Shorten Jacket$100.00
  • Narrow Shoulder$125.00
  • Add Shoulder Pad$30.00


  • Sides In$30.00
  • Taper Sleeves$30.00
  • Shorten Sleeve$30.00
  • Shorten Shirt Length$30.00
  • Change Collar$25.00
  • Change Cuffs$25.00
  • Change Buttons$25.00
  • Add Darts$15.00
  • Let Out Through Placket$30.00


  • Waist In$25.00
  • Hems$18.00
  • Orignal Hem$20.00
  • Narrow Bottom$30.00


  • Waist In$25.00
  • Seat In$15.00
  • Thigh In$25.00
  • Waist Out$30.00
  • Seat Out$20.00
  • Thigh Out$30.00
  • Shorten Rise$45.00
  • Shorten Plain Bottom$15.00
  • Shorten Cuff$20.00
  • Shorten Jean Stitch$20.00
  • Shorten Straight Stitch$15.00
  • Lengthen Plain Bottom$15.00
  • Lengthen Cuff$20.00
  • Lengthen Straight Stitch$15.00
  • Lower waist band$100.00
  • Taper Through Thigh$30.00
  • Taper Bottom$30.00
  • Change Zipper$30.00
  • Add Brace Buttons$10.00
  • Recut Waist in Three Seam$75.00
  • Recut Waist Out Three Seam$75.00

Special Services

Edit Buttons

Upgrade buttons on your jacket or shirt

Edit Buttonholes

Change the buttonhole thread color on your garment


Repair holes in wool garments

Build a Pocket Square

Choose fabric, thread color and monogramming


Add a monogram to your shirt

Change Lining

Update your jacket with a new lining

Melton Change

Give your jacket collar a pop of color

Name Tag

Customize your garment with a personalized interior name tag

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3699 McKinney Ave, suite 311
Dallas, TX 75204

Store Hours

Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: By Appointment Only

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Fill out your information to schedule an appointment with one of our master tailors and please let us know how we can be of assistance.

Giving Back

Many of our consultations lead to closet overhauls, which typically leads to purging of garments no longer desired. Our program is designed to place these garments in the hands of individuals within our community trying to break back into the workforce. Through our partnership with Local Charities, we ensure these garments meet the right match. Additionally, we offer a 15% discount on purchase of a new garments to replace the donated garments through Q Clothier and Rye 51.